Tema: Crush NLHE in 2019 with us! - CFP by ja.sam.gale and Scorpii


Gale i ja startamo CFP, a pošto će u community-u biti stranaca, uglavnom će se koristiti engleski na coachinzima, pismeno te videima, bitno nam je i da aplikant zna engleski pa eto post na engleskom smile:


diamond ja.sam.gale diamond

High stakes regular, playing 2000NL and higher. One of the latest, if not the last person who moved up to HS NLHE and battles any lineup. Playing profesionally for the past 6 years.
Results for the past 20 months:


diamond Scorpii diamond

Mid stakes regular, playing 200NL and higher with overall winrate of 5bb+ in the past 2 years. Coached by some of the best online high stakes regulars in the world (also an ex CFP student who started at NL50 and worked as a coach for the past 2 years).
Results over ~year and a half (with begining being mostly NL100 and some NL50):


We are offering a longterm CFP (coaching for profit) for small/mid stakes NLHE online players whose goal is to improve their game to their best level and need guidance.
We are looking for people that are willing to put in the work, learn, study, grind good volume, are transparent and know english. People that will put in the time and effort. At the moment we are accepting only NL50+ players that are at least breakeven in results. We want quality, not quantity. If you join, you will be part of the smaller community, but community that has the same goal.. improve at everything pokerwise and make money!
Every student will be approached individually as much as possible (different teaching plan for every student depending on his leaks and needs) and there will also be groupcoachings.
We will not tolerate any kind of attempted scam or fraud upon us. Our contract is serious so shady people just bypass our CFP.

In coaching sessions we will be working on:

- finding and fixing student's leaks
- game plan and strategy vs different types of players
- poker theory and deviating from it - exploiting
- useful concepts
- working with solvers
- help with mindset
- database and stats review
- setting up HUD and stats
- recorded game play review and live play
- HH reviews

You will be a part of community that will share their experiences and thoughts over skype/discord groups.

If you are interested in joining our CFP, fill out the application form:



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