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One of the toughest heads-up matches Daniel Negreanu had to battle!

Recently Daniel Negreanu posted a tweet on how his childhood fear was still hunting him deep into his poker career.

Daniel explained how as a kid he was supposed to have his birthday pool party during the summer, and it was a cold day without any sun, so the idea of swimming was not that attractive.

And after only 3 of his friends showed up, Daniel was shocked and had an anxiety issue that he will have to face again at some point.

Later in his career, Daniel got invited to do a Q&A for the fans during the Norwegian Poker Championship, and it was supposed to be an 11 am session before the start of the tournament.

Daniel goes to a large room where Q&A was supposed to happen, and he was shocked, room was empty and he had to face his childhood fear again.

That was Daniel's worst nightmare.

Luckily one of the hosts found him and asked Daniel to follow him into another large room and the room was full of fans sitting and waiting for him.

All seats were filled, and over 1000 people came to hear what Daniel had to say.

So that was one of the toughest Heads-up matches Daniel had to battle, and ironically it was against himself.

Daniel also explained how he found ways to manage this irrational fear, and it also seeps into other areas of his life, like selling products that have his name on them.

What if none of the products sell? What if no one likes it?

He also admits that he turned down some offers, and missed opportunities that may have worked out because of this irrational fear.

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