Tema: Mtt staking

Hello poker players,
I represent poerstaking group.

We are new in this , work like 1 years still.
We are from Germany, i had in Croatia this summer and go to this forum and i got idea to try to find players here, why not.

If someone wanna to play for us, we offer mtt staking up to high level.


Re: Mtt staking

Sorry, i click something and not sent this.
Writte in pm following info:
1. What mtt limit you can play regulary
2.number of tables, software you use
3. On which site you wanna play
4.nickname on site you wanna play
5) Expected hours you can play per week
6) Reason for wanting stake
7) References and any prior staking arrangements - how long and why did they end? (it's fine if you don't have any)
8) Anything else you would like to add

Skype name because wee will contact you soon.
We will choose 7 players,

You can sent even if you are begginer or you are crushing high limit.
Just type here sent,  when you sent pm.